About Us

At the age of 6, Costis already knew what he would become once grown up. Looking at the glow and dazzle of jewelry in a shop window, he discovered his passion for designing and creating small objects of luxury. During his studies on Jewelry and Industrial Design at the Benvenuto Cellini Institute of Art in Valenza, Italy he gained invaluable experience while working next to world famous craftsmen.
After the completion of his studies with highest distinction, Costis transferred the Italian expertise on elite jewelry to Greece and contributed his designs to the most well-known Greek brands. However, he decided to take a step forward and set up his own studio and workshop where he could explore forms, colors, ideas and possibilities more freely and creatively: in 1994 the high-end "Costis" House of Jewelry & Design was established.
Experimentation, ingenious custom made designs and attention to every detail became synonymous with Costis creations. His work has been recognized in Italy, where he is member of the Italian Industrial Design Association - ADI.
Currently, Costis has moved his workshop back where his first pieces of art were created, Valenza... designing for the world...

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